I & B Seeds private Limited (I&B) was started as a joint venture between Indus Seeds and W. Atlee Burpee Company of USA.

 W.Atlee Burpee Company is one of the oldest companies in the world and is the largest packet seed company in the US, whereas. Indus Seeds, Headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a company established in 2005. It is managed by technocrats who have vast experience in the seed industry.

Initially, the company started its operations in the name of Indus Seeds and then converted into a Private Limited Company in the year 2014 with the induction of an offshore shareholder.

Over the years we have evolved as a reliable supplier of Agri-related products and services to discerning customers around the globe.




Today, the company has a Pan India presence with a loyal customer base of over 650 dealers all over the country.  The company has spread its wings across the globe with exports to many countries including the United States, Russia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Thailand, Srilanka, etc.

Seed processing and Packing is a very important aspect of the seed Industry. To ensure the quality of the seeds. At I&B, we have a very sophisticated processing section. Equipped with different processing machines such as graders, gravity separators, color sorters, seed treaters and seed dryers. These machines are handled following standard operating procedures by skilled and experienced personnel. Further the processed seeds are handed over to the packing section. Which uses different packing machines and tools, to pack the seed in professional branded containers such as pouches/ tins. Both the processing and packing section are supported by dedicated cold storage facilities.



Recognized by DSIR, the state-of-the-art R&D facility at Bangalore site focuses on the genotyping facility. Which drives the Marker-Assisted Breeding programs of I&B seeds. Deployment of MAS has helped the breeders to shorten the time required to develop desired hybrids/varieties in a more efficient manner. The molecular biology lab also deploys marker analysis for purity analysis, a significant part of our QA.   We also have a dedicated team working on Double Haploid Production. We have standardized high throughput protocols for doubled haploid production in Sweet Pepper, Hot Peppers, and Cucumber.

 I & B seeds also have a dedicated plant pathology unit. With expert pathologists & Molecular Biologists who are contributing in the area of breeding disease-resistant vegetable crops. Moreover, the unit has also established health testing for vegetable seeds based on the International Seed Health Initiative for Vegetable crops (ISHI-Veg) protocols. 

Furthermore,  I&B has a strong team of plant breeders and agronomists, who interact closely with biotechnology and pathology teams. To leverage the technology and achieve desired objectives in the field.

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